Teacher Trust Grants

Teacher Trust Grants are sponsored by MFMC as a memorial to Rose Zygmanski.

This is for you! After a busy year of teaching, performing, and/or directing, it’s great to get re-charged! New ideas and innovations help us to refine our teaching style and methods. Performance/learning opportunities help keep us in touch with our students and challenge us to keep developing our skills. Oftentimes, there’s been a class we would love to take, but we just didn’t have the funds.

The Teacher Trust Grant has been set up to assist and encourage active music teachers with financial aid so they may attend workshops, register for university courses, participate in master classes, or take a series of lessons to further enhance their skills and, thus, improve their teaching. Grants may be awarded for $100, $150, or $200.

The following information must be included:

  • A resume of education, teaching experience, and other pertinent information.
  • Two letters of support/recommendation – one from a teaching colleague and one from another MFMC member.
  • A letter that specifies the amount sought and explains how the applicant proposes to use the scholarship (such as to help fund private lessons or a workshop or classes, etc.) with dates.
  • When possible, printed matter describing the proposed course of study, such as a brochure or college catalog, should also be included.

For information about this grant, please email Rebecca Heerdt or phone her at (952) 368-3532