Liability Insurance

Please note: Liability insurance is required for all Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs and National Federation of Music Clubs sponsored events to include Festivals, club recitals, club and board meetings, contests, teachers recitals and programs, mission/charity type events such as performing at senior citizen homes.

All Festival/Event Planners must complete the Child Protection Policy Form with signature (scanned signatures are acceptable) each year (valid July 1 to June 30) and email or mail to Sarah Twedt, MFMC Insurance Coordinator. Multiple events can be noted on the form.

Child Protection Policy Form 2023-24

Please read the CDC guide- Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-Serving Organizations. The guide is for informational purposes only, a reference guide and not a new plan to implement. It contains good information about protecting our children, but is intended for your review only. The forms states that you have received the materials and are aware of the information. Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-Serving Organizations.

Festival/Event Registration & Insurance for December 31. Complete and submit by November 15 deadline:

Festival Event/registration & insurance for January 1 – August 31.  Complete and submit by November 15 deadline:

MFMC Festival Reply Form 1-B • Deadline November 15

For more information, contact Sarah Twedt, Insurance Coordinator.

General Insurance Information:  You must be a member of NFMC/MFMC in good standing to obtain insurance. Cost per event is $20. MFMC covers these costs as part of your state membership. Any events registered after the designated deadline will be charged additional per event. Cost per event having consecutive days is $25. An event on a single day but a multiple sites costs $20 per site. No requests will be processed without accurate address and date of event. If an event requires a rider of an additional insured, give the exact language required. Any changes requested after a certificate is issued will result in a $5 change fee. If you need to change an event date, and wait to inform NFMC until the original date has passed you will owe  another full event fee.  There is NO credit in that situation. A certificate verifying insurance coverage is issued only to an event that requests it.  Certificates will be sent to the State Liability Chairman only – (and then she will forward them to your site).  Coverage is not guaranteed until payment is received and processed by the NFMC Headquarters. This insurance does not cover damage to or theft of musical instruments. Go to the National Federation of Music Clubs web site for additional insurance information.