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Welcome to the Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs (MFMC), an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for music education, achievement, and enjoyment.

MFMC is where MUSIC TEACHERS collaborate with other educators, connect students with scholarship opportunities, and participation in the Festivals program.

PERFORMERS work together in finding and creating avenues for performance(s).

MUSIC ENTHUSIASTS offer support by attending concerts and performances in their communities in the State of Minnesota, and in the nation.

 MFMC’s (and NFMC’s) FESTIVALS PROGRAM is designed to give Junior (age 18 and younger) and Adult member musicians of all abilities opportunity to perform and receive a yearly evaluation in a non-competitive environment. For more information, visit Festivals Info.

SCHOLARSHIPS and AWARDS are available for performance, composition, tuition assistance, and teachers continuing education.

For information, visit MFMC Scholarships and Contests.

JOIN TODAY and FIND A CLUB NEAR YOU (see all club locations). Log onto About MFMC>MFMC Clubs Map

Dues are to be paid to MFMC by November 1.

Senior Club membership dues are $24.00. Plus $6.00 for Junior Keynotes Magazine (for teachers only). Some clubs have members who are not teachers, and they don’t need to pay for Junior Keynotes.  An exception to the above is for very small clubs. Because of NFMC’s rules, there is a minimum dues of $90.00 per senior club.

Adult Club members joining to participate in Festival are technically members of their affiliated Senior Club, but they only pay $6.00.

Junior Club Dues are $2.00 per junior. There is a minimum of $22.00 per Junior Club.

Dues statements are mailed out to clubs in September, by the MFMC treasurer, to give clubs time to collect information, including current contact information for all members.

 MFMC is an extension of The National Federation of Music clubs which offers more scholarships and awards.

Visit the NFMC website.

Join today. Become a member. Contact Julie Gutzmer MFMC Membership Chair 

She and all members will be happy to answer questions and connect you with a music club in your area.