History of the Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs

Established on April 14, 1921 in Minneapolis


Meetings and Conventions


2021 – State Meeting , Virtual, April 24, 2021

  • Heritage Direct Savings Account established.
  • Festival participation down by almost 20%.
  • Two Grand Cup winners and three President’s Cup recipients.
  • NFMC meeting scheduled for June canelled due to COVID.
  • Louise Lundin in 20th year of serving as MFMC web site manager.
  • Junior Composers Institute moved to University of Wisconsin – River Falls.
  • Begin getting started using Vivace – online Festival registration. Nominating committee formed to propose a slate of officers to present at the next meeting.

2021 – State Meeting, Virtual, July 22, 2021

  • Greetings from national guest, Lori Jessen, National Festivals Chair.
  • Some Festivals started using the online registration system, Vivace.
  • MFMC product line avaialable on the MFMC website.
  • 100th Anniversary celebration annouced for July 20-21, 2022 in Lakeville, MN
  • Two tuition assistant grants given.
  • MFMC Student Audition Winners – Rachel Lanning, James Cook, Lydia Rahn.
  • Grand Cups: Joey Wu, Stpehen Ma
  • Junior Composition Contest Winners: Edward Wanger, Tim Guillaume, Emma Lu, Gloria Reitsema, Clara Miller.
  • Election of MFMC Officers:  President: Nancy Fisher, 1st Vice President: Sarah Twedt, Secretary: Mary Kaye Rabaey, Treasurer: Gwen Degner, Historian:  Karen Sue Erickson, National Board Representative: Mary Wescott (appointed position).

2022 – State Meeting, Virtual, April 23, 2022

  • More of the MFMC’s Festival clubs used the Vivace online registration system. Fourteen of Twenty – Three sites.
  • Grand Cups: Soumya Raman, Kyra Sego, Vishnu Vundamati, Kylee Stoble
  • International Music Camp Scholarship: Gabriel Maland
  • Junior Composition Winners:  Emma Lu, Lke Andrie, William Fang, Kevin Chang, Tim Guillaume, Clara Miller, Stepthen Eisinger, Zeca Brando
  • Proposed bylaw and constitution change to eliminate the MFMC 2nd Vice-President position.  Approved.

2022 – 100th Anniversary Celebration and State Meeting, Lakeville Holiday Inn, Lakeville, MN,  July 20 & 21, 2022

  • National Guests:  Ouida and George Keck
  • Student Showcase Recital
  • MFMC Member Ensembles Recital
  • Luncheon honoring past state presidents
  • Historial Display
  • NFMC Young Artists Duo Pianists Concert: Sylvia Hong and Michael Rector
  • “You’ve Come a Long Way Ladies” program by Audrey Johnson
  • Anniversary commissioned premier, “Festival Overature”, by Melody Bober
  • Historical skit by Ouida and George Keck

2023 – State Meeting, Virtual, April 22, 2023

  • On line Festival Registration System, Vivace, almost all clubs are on-boarded and using the system.
  • MFMC Biennial State Student Audition 2023 announced:  Elizabeth Billie, piano – student of Mary Wescott, Cecilia Buzzeo, voice – student of Cheryl Schmidt, David Lafferty, piano – student of Mary Wescott.
  • Senior, Junior memberships, Festival fee and cup fees increased base on recommenation from the Finance Commitee.

2023 – State Meeting, Virtual, July 19, 2023

  • Past MFMC State Presidents in attendance acknowledged: Sheila Shusterich, Cheryl Schmidt, Karen Sue Erickson and Mary Wescott.
  • 616 Festival Cups ordered and 2,853 Festival Cup Entrants
  • 37 requests for insurance from area clubs.
  • 2023 – 2024 Budget Approved
  • Election and Installation of Officers:  President – Sarah Twedt, Vice-President- OPEN, Secretary – Mary Kaye Rabaey, Treasurer – Gwen Degner, Historian – Karen Sue Erickson, National Board Representative – Nancy Fisher.

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