Music in Poetry Contest

Poetry is another thread running along side music through the tapestry of our lives and nurtures us much in the same way. It has many of the same elements; and like music, needs to be heard. Poetry has its own music when read aloud expressively.

Please include poetry at just one of your meetings/programs this year. Using poetry can be as simple as being aware of the poet who inspired the composer of a piece, or as elaborate as an hour-long program involving students, parents, and the general public.

Think about getting your students involved. Some suggestions:

  • Appoint a MIP chair who will be responsible to see that poetry is part of every meeting
  • Read the Hymn of the Month
  • Invite a local poet or Junior Club Member to share their poem
  • Encourage non-musicians, or members who do not perform to contribute with a poem
  • Encourage a speaking choir
  • Conduct a poetry workshop
  • Set a poem to music
  • Read poems accompanied by musical background
  • Include in your presentations the author of the lyrics, or how poetry influenced the composer
  • Have students write a poem for a Festival poster-make it a contest
  • Use poetry in a summer recital
  • April is poetry month-award a pizza to the best poem composer in the Jr. Club
  • Print a poem in the recital program that carries the recital’s theme
  • Have a poem printed in the music section, or art section of the local newspaper, or other communications/publications

Thank you for bringing poetry to your community. As one of the arts, poetry is an important outlet for feelings.

There are no longer reports to file for the NFMC, but please take a moment and send any information on how your club uses poetry to —

Verna at 8995 North Shore Drive, Spicer, MN 56288.

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