History of the Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs

Established on April 14, 1921 in Minneapolis


Meetings and Conventions


2004 – 51st State Convention (26th Biennial) – Grand Rapids – April 30 & May 1
  • Hibbing Musicale, Grand Rapids, host
  • Speaker: Odee Maier, NFMC Vice-President North Central Region
  • Performer: Woodrow Bynum-NFMC Young Artist Winner Man’s Voice
  • Festival Workshop-Jean Doty
  • Student Audition Winners:
    • Jessica Callen-Minneota-Piano & Organ
    • Colyn Tvete- Willmar-Man’s Voice
    • Jennifer Piasecki-Women’s Voice
  • Implemented Awards Chart – available on web site
  • Jeffrey Kline-Adult Composers Virginia Kendrick Scholarship
  • International Music Camp Award: Laura Towner
  • Young Artist Piano Camp Scholarship:
    • Angela Current
    • Emily Larson
  • NFMC Biennial Student Audition Winners:
    • Nathan Herfindahl-Duluth-Man’s Voice
    • Alan Berg-Hibbing-Piano
    • Amy Hagensen-Duluth-Women’s Voice.
  • MFMC Music Scholarship for Challenged Students: Lucy Sirianni
  • Junior Composers 1st place:
    • Rachael Chant-Lakeville
    • Kate Meyer-Grand Rapids
    • Jared Hoeft-Hutcinson
    • David Johnson-Grand Rapids
2006 – 52nd State Convention (27th Biennial) – St. Cloud – May 5 & 6
  • Great River Music Club, host
  • National Guest: Lana Bailey, NFMC First Vice President
  • Performers: Christopher Atzinger Young Artist Piano
  • Jeffrey Kline & Sonja Johnson – Virginia Kendrick Scholarship Winners: Wynn-Anne Rossi-composer
  • Student Audition Winners:
    • Amy Hagensen-voice
    • Nathan Herfindahl-voice
    • Anna Bakk-violin
  • National Music Week Essay Contest Winner: Krista Kalthoff
2006 – NATIONAL Fall Session held in Minneapolis
  • Participants: Garrison Keillor, Vern Sutton, Stephen Paulus, D Michels, Mindy Ratner, Pas de Duo, Medalist Concert Band, The Singers and more
  • Tours: Urban Treasures, Sunday Drive, and Musical Adieu
2007 – 53rd State Convention (28th Biennial) – Minneapolis – August 15 & 16
  • Southwest Minneapolis Keyboard Club, host
  • Switched from spring to summer convention rotation to boost attendance; held state meeting and Festival meeting at same event
  • National Guest: Carolyn Nelson, NFMC Vice President
  • Mela Dailey-Young Artist Winner-Voice
  • Sonja Johnston-Virginia Kendrick Scholarship Winner
  • Tom Linker- Improvisation
  • International Music Camp Awards:
    • Katie Evans-Prior Lake
    • Tia Lauve-Renville
  • Featured Greek banquet meal
2008- State Meeting – Duluth Women’s Club, Duluth
2009 – 54th State Biennial Convention – Alexandria
August 12 & 13, 2009
  • Central Lakes Music Club, host
  • National Guest: Heidi Hong NFMC North Central Region Vice-President
  • Performers/Activities: Christine Wolf, Toni & Lina, Rebecca Thoennes, Drums Alive
  • Allison Buivid-regional and national women’s voice winner
  • International Music Camp Awards:
    • Ariana Groen-Willmar
    • Michelle Bromschwig-Bloomington
  • Junior Composer Institute Scholarships:
    • Kate Meyer-Grand Rapids
    • Christopher Neiner-Burnsville
    • Graeme Sheilds-Grand Rapids
  • Officers elected: President Karen Erickson, Vice-President Pat Steege, Treasurer Nadine Berg, Secretary Mary Kaye Rabaey, Historian Cheryl Schmidt, National Board Representative Cora Barr
2010 – Spring State Meeting – Shoreview, MN
  • International Music Camp Award attendees: Erin Grout, Taylor Reinke, Molly Jane Kampa
  • Junior Composers Scholarships:
    • Brighid Niccum, Luke Gion, Joshua Rumppe, Cody Bursch
  • Memorial donation to Junior Composers Institute in honor of Mary Prudie Brown, Past NFMC President
  • Julia Gale Endowment Awards:
    • Nathan Knutson
    • Dr. Christopher Atzinger
2010 – State Meeting – Marshall, MN
  • Pat Steege begins serving as MFMC State President
  • 2010 Festival participants: Junior 5,307 and Adult 38
  • Grand Cup winners: Julian Romero, Katie Henry, Cole Witter, Alexis Aakre
  • Winners of Adult Composers Critique: Marcia Benson of Clearwater and Heidi Hansen of Becker
  • Junior Composers Institute/Studio: Composing for Film held July 12-24 at the University of Minnesota School of Music; forty participants from several states
2010 – NFMC Fall Session in Pittsburgh, PA, August 3-8
  • Summary of session reported by Karen Erickson and Pat Steege
  • International Music Camp – MFMC donation of $2500.00 to the camp for needed updates to camp operations
  • Mary Prudie Brown Memorial – MFMC gifting $1650.00 to Junior Composers Institute, given in memory of Mary Prudie Brown


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