History of the Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs

Established on April 14, 1921 in Minneapolis


Meetings and Conventions

1934 – 8th Annual State Convention – Minneapolis
1935 – 9th Annual State Convention – St. Paul
  • Schubert Club of St. Paul Hostess
  • Club Directory of the clubs mimeographed and a copy sent to each club
  • Young Artist State and District Winner
    • Ruth Pough, Contralto (Minneapolis)
1936 – 10th Annual State Convention – Duluth
  • First Minnesota Composers Round-table held May 21, Duluth
  • First selected composition submitted to the Minnesota Composers committee was played by the Duluth Symphony. Paul LeMay conducting Duluth Symphony joined Minnesota Federation at the convention. Duluth Symphony agrees to play wining orchestral composition of Minnesota each year.
1937 – 11th Annual State Convention – Minneapolis
  • Monthly radio broadcasts were given by members of the Minnesota Federation through the courtesy of WCCO
1938 – 12th Annual State Convention – Fergus Falls
  • Schumann Club Hostess
  • Singing Legionettes
1939 – 13th Annual State Convention – St. Paul
  • Schubert Club Hostess
1940 – 14th Annual State Convention – Virginia
  • Mu Epsilon Chapter, Virginia Hostess
1941 – 15th Annual State Convention – Minneapolis
1942 – 16th Annual State Convention – Minneapolis
1943 – 17th Annual State Convention – Duluth, May 13-14
  • Many phonographs and records collected and sent to outlying posts and placed on troop ships
  • MFMC contributed $368.00 to National War Service Fund
  • Wednesday Musicale of Virginia raised largest single amount for both the Founders Day fund and the War Service Fund



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