History of the Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs

Established on April 14, 1921 in Minneapolis


Meetings and Conventions


2017 – Executive Board Meeting – Deidra’s Cafe and Bakery – Willmar, MN – April 20, 2017

  • Senior Club Members: 398 • Adult Club Members: 27 • Junior Club Members: 4,472 • Junior Individual Member: 1 • Student Individual Members: 2 • Associate Club
  • 926 Festival cups were distributed — including four Grand Cups
  • International Music Camp Scholarship recipients Paris Whalen and Sonja Selikoff
  • Donation to the Michael R. Edwards Graduating Senior Performance Award – $250.00 for each year of his administration

2017 – 58th State Convention (33rd Biennial) – First Presbyterian Church – Rochester, MN – July 27 & 28, 2017

  • Discussion continued regarding the current “Superior rating” certificates – many teachers preferred the more colorful ones used previously by MFMC
  • NFMC National Convention – Dayton, OH, June 20-24, 2017. Highlights: NFMC has revised their website to be more user friendly. They have also implemented on-line payment for membership and entry fees. Application forms are now available as “fill-in” forms. All festivals must use the official NFMC Rating Sheet for Federation Festivals (JR-3-9). Ratings other than those titled, “Superior, Excellent, Satisfactory, Fair, Needs Improvement” will no longer be recognized by NFMC for point accrual
  • New officers installed: Mary Wescott, President – Nancy Fisher, 1st Vice President – Sarah Twedt, 2nd Vice President – Mary Kaye Rabaey, Secretary  -Gwen Degner, Treasurer, Karen Erikson, Historian – Sarah Twedt, National Board Representative
  • Concert: Rochester Musicians.Piano Master Class and presentation on American composer, William Gillock, with Dr. David Schaffer-Gottschalk. Memorial Service. Junior Recital by MFMC Juniors. Ensemble Recital – members and friends of hosting club

2018 – Executive Board Meeting – home of Gwen Degner – Remer, MN – April 28, 2018

  • All Festivals must be insured, club meetings should be insured
  • Festival Chair recommends consolidating Festival reports for less confusion
  • 919 Festival Cups distributed
  • The Contitution/By-Laws Revision committee : Cheryl Schmidt. Peggy Karsten, Rennae Petersen and Mary Pieh.

2018 – All Members State Meeting – Frazee, MN on July 12 and Delano, MN on July 26, 2018

  • Special guest Karen Bourne, North Central Region 1st Vice-President
  • Composer Melody Boder held piano master class. Wynn Anne Rossi held a composition master class
  • Constitution and Bylaws Revision committee completed its recommendations – notice will be sent out to all members and vote on revisions at the April 2019 meeting
  • Thank you notes were shared from students who received scholarships to attend International Music Camp
  • Grand Cups: David Besonen Apple Valley, Michelle Quan, Nellie Benton Lexie Sorensen, Jacob Johnson, Leah Dahlsrom.  Presidents Cup: Jeremy Heung
  • Festival Composition winners: Edward Wanger, Stephen Elsinger, Carolyn Stuber, Sam Hanson, Frederick Robin, David Besonen, Ronan Armstrong
  • Kaplan Memorial Scholarship recipient: Rogan Tinsley
  • Jane Jensen, MFMC member since 1950 was recognized and honored for her service to MFMC

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