Junior Composers Summer Camp is a music-filled group experience for young composers aged 14-20 held in July at the University of Minnesota Minneapolis.

Junior Composers brings in professional musicians who work with composition students for one or two weeks. Randall Davidson, General Director, says, “Junior Composers camp is not about the product [of a premiered composition], but about the process of creativity.” Daily theory and ear training classes and frequent exposure to teacher and peer input are foundations of the program. Students compose in the genres of classical chamber music, electronic music and songwriting. A featured opportunity gives a theme to each camp session. The theme in 2012 was Composing for String Quartet. The 2013 theme will be Music + Words. Because of a recent ASCAP grant award, we can provide scholarships to the first eight registrants in the Studio and the first ten registrants in the Institutes (composers and songwriters).

Dates for July 2013:

  • July 8-20 Junior Composers Studio
  • July 14-20 Junior Composers Institute
  • July 14-20 Junior Songwriters Institute

For more information about Junior Composers, visit www.juniorcomposers.org.