Adult Composers Critique

MFMC Adult Composer Critique Event • Our Mission and Purpose

  • Inspire the writing of music
  • Enable composers to have their music critiqued by a qualified, established composer and/or composition professor;
  • Help composers to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their writing;
  • Cultivate the further development of works using suggestions from the critique;
  • Further the composer’s understanding of music fundamentals;
  • Encourage each composer to copywrite and publish original works.

Qualifications for Entry

  • Compositions must be non-published, original works.
  • Compositions may be single pieces, or a group of related pieces (e.g. sonata, suite).
  • Composers may submit one composition per person per year.
  • A work may be submitted only once, not year after year.
  • A composition may be hand written or computer generated; a photocopy of the composition may be submitted so the composer may retain the original.
  • One cassette tape recording or CD of the composition is required.
  • Applications accepted between April 1 – April 15 of each year.
  • Entrants must be amateur composers age 18 and over. MFMC membership is not required

To participate, please send the following items to Betty Olson (address below):

  1.  The completed Adult Composers Critique Application.
  2. A copy of your original composition, unfolded in a large envelope.
  3. A cd or cassette tape recording of your composition.
  4. A self addressed, stamped large envelope for the return of your work and the critique.
  5. A check for $25 for the first 2 pages of the composition, with $5 per page for each additional page, made out to MFMC Adult Composer Critique.
  6. A picture and biography of the winner is required before the award check will be issued.

Late and/or Illegible Compositions will be disqualified!

Betty Olson

10203 Johnson Circle

Bloomington MN 55437

(952) 831-3854

Email Betty Olson